Saturday, November 01, 2008


Last year, on this page, I composed and published the score to a new piece, one a day, each day, for the month of November.   As foolish as I am, I won't repeat that particular folly, but I will take requests for this month...  So what'll it be? A score?  A scam? A rant? A recipe? A limerick? The key to the cabinet that Clov couldn't find?  An enigma without a variation?  The right-hand part to Ravel's left-hand concerto?  The secret to a life well spent?  The sum of my ill-gotten gains?  The true price of good fortune?  The taste of mustard on a raw turnip?  Why you can do anything if you have six trumpets?  The sad and secret life of the ne'er-do-well Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach?  The effects of radiation therapy on Morbus Ledderhose?  Seven ways to force a card? How to slice an onion without tears?   


Anonymous said...

I discovered your site because of your "folly" of writing a piece per day for a month. I was impressed.

I'd be curious to know what you learned from that.

If you're taking requests for what to do next, I'd suggest doing something completely different than what you've done do far. Challenge yourself. Surprise us.

I wish you well.

Stefan Kac said...

I'll repeat the request (which I think I have made before) for a tuba concerto.