Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Melodica Reminder

This is one last reminder to send in your scores (PDF format, to djwolf -AT- snafu -DOT- de) for the first international online anthology of new music for melodica solo or ensemble.  This is shaping up to be a remarkable collection, to say the least.

[Addendum: If you're thinking of making a late entry, here's one idea I had, complete with title, but couldn't quite make work and you are free to use it: HAND TO MOUTH, for one melodica, two players, one of whom is assigned to the keyboard while the other manages the mouthpipe, allowing for some rhythmically complex cross-articulations. ]

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Paul A. Epstein said...

HAND TO MOUTH is a lovely idea. I used to have a similar exercise for my improv class using a pennywhistle or recorder. But I really wanted to do a piece for cello with the bowing and fingering divided between two players. It remained an idea. Could work for trombone too.