Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gift giving?

Do you find it tough to buy gifts for the composer in your life? Here are some suggestions:

(1) Twelve-tone dice. Especially suited for the composer who wants to combine 12-tone and chance techniques. Not suited for a composer with an interest in just intonation.

(2) A Suzuki Bass Melodeon.  Just the thing for someone who wants to add a bass voice for his or her melodica consort.

(3) A Richard Binder Music Nib for Pelikan Pens.  Yes, some of us still do it by hand, and just hearing the words 1.1-mm extra-smooth, very wet stub with slight added flex is pillow talk to the dedicated composer-calligrapher.

(4) The Noligraph.  I've blogged about it here before.  It's really just five ballpoints lined up in a little holder, but still a perfect stocking stuffer for the composer who likes to sketch on the sly on the backs of unpaid power bill envelopes, cocktail napkins, and the aprons of diner waitresses at half-past two in the morning.

(5) A Morgan motorcar .  To hell with that other stuff, I'd like one of these, please.



Elaine Fine said...

Oh, I do want some of those dice! What a great idea.

Ben.H said...

An Aero? Those things look even more crosseyed in real life than in the photographs. Why not one of the traditional Morgans, like a 4/4 or a Plus? Now they've got class.

Dave Seidel said...

Ah, but with *two* dice you can throw ratios!

Daniel Wolf said...

Ben. — I was sorely tempted to wish for a three-wheeler, then I switched to the +4, but the Aero is just so damned weird that I couldn't resist.

Dave — unfortunately, the dice don't have numbers, just note names. But I don't think you'd be happy with an 11 limit anyways...