Friday, February 12, 2010

Happiness and Wealth through Pickled Chili

(Some Friday Food Blogging)

In my never-ending search for the perfect condiment, a current strong contender is the Chili in Five Treasure Sauce sold under the Picklec Family brand.  The usual chili-flake-in-soybean-oil is here accompanied by roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, making a pumped up, crunchy base for sauces and and a usefl table condiment for those dishes that are just not hot and crunchy enough.   

Even better: the manufacturer's website comes complete with a bit of pickled vegetable mythology (accompanied by cheng music): 

In the transition from Ming to Qing Dynasty,An Bangyan rebelled in Shuixi County Guizhou Province.  When General Yang Wencong who’s a man of gentle blood had leading Army of Yang to put down the rebellion,he issued an order to offer delicious food to his officers and soldiers as reward.  It was cold weather that the cook in the army added local rare plant into all cuisines which made the army highly praising those dishes with attractive color,natural aroma,pure and tasty and also provided them gigantic appetite and fighting in a refreshing way. They all curious about the mysterious thing,so the cook said that it’s called Capsicum from foreign countries and it tastes spicy to defend against chilly outside and to stimulate appetite. Henceforth Army of Yang ate pepper all the time and thus made the illustrious battle achievement that it followed the brand “Picklec Family” and spread it until now.

Nowadays Guanqun Foodstuffs Factory has not only inherited Army Yang’s traditional secret recipe but also deduced classical food culture. What is done is to innovate unceasingly new flavor to improve condiment industry by strong R&D capacity,affluent selection of products and comprehensive service,while to provide consumers “Picklec Family” food with perfect quality and tasty, safe and reliable. Both expensive and medium-priced product are excellent value for money.

This is probably the first time that I've seen military cooking used as an advertising point, but I guess if it worked for the Army of Yang, it's got to be good.  But wait, there's more! the website also expands on the company's traditional virtues:

Our value: honest and passionate;together we create value and enjoy life.
Our prospects:Expert of prickled vegetables and condiments; the leading company in the industry.
Our quality policy:high-quality and tasty; safe and trustworthy
Our belief:Inherited traditional technique , Deduced classical cuisines
Our goal: bring happiness and value to Shareholders and customers; provide opportunities for employees; create wealth for the society.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel, thank you for the excellent post!

It's interesting how the East and the West are intertwined (subtle Oriental arts + all of a sudden, shareholder value issues).

People are invited to check out the following TurboZen meditation "Maximizing Shareholder Value/Embracing Change" (Signs of Change, circular meditation):

All the best