Wednesday, October 06, 2010

That sweet space

...composing is all about finding a particular location in the space of all possibilities, that sweet place where all the forces — those you plan, those that you have chosen to leave beyond your control, and those that come to you like a lightning strike from your own habits, taste, and imagination — are in balance: calculation, chance, choice. It's exactly like poker, that near-perfect game, in which the rules are set, the probabilities are clear, the cards are dealt at random, you know what's in your own hand and the other players are real people, with all the experience, hopes, habits, bluffs and tells that real people unavoidably bring to the table. With as cool a calculation as possible, you consider, weigh, balance all these elements and then let your intuition (itself a mysterious mix of experience, calculation, and raw instinct) lead to that particular place of action, to see, raise, or fold...  

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steve said...

Beautiful, Daniel!!

I've been looking for ways to fend of the anti-formalist strain in pomo, but all I can usually come up with is, look, like it or not (or know it or not) you've got to have it all. The notes don't just fall from the sky. This is a succinct way of saying just that. Thanks!