Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mozart et les fonctions harmoniques, part III

An animated introduction to French-style functional harmonic notation, here via the Lacrymosa from the Mozart Requiem, K626. (Hat tip: Walter Zimmermann)


aaron hynds said...

Thanks for posting this video! I think if interesting and amusing visual aids like this were used more often, some music major undergrads might not despise music theory as much (at least, American music undergrads).

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking, although there's a mismatch between what the Lacrymosa is about - the mysterious glow of eternity - and the playful "affect theory" cartoon.

It's as if Beethoven would be commissioned to write a score for "The Transformers."

It is a handy illustration, though. I don't think you can really reverse-engineer the great works in this way ("here's how he did it"), because they are always larger than the sum of their parts.

You CAN teach elements of architecture through Lego.

And this journey through keys, this sense of departure and return reminds me of the Danilov bells story - where the mystical, the musical, the financial and the geopolitical had become intertwined, and later resolved in an efficient, business-like atmosphere of cooperation.

And as far as visualizations are concerned, it is amazing how well Bach interfaces with the information age and multimedia projects:

Elaine Fine said...

Thanks Daniel. This made my day!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just really easily amused, but I loved this! Thanks for posting it! I reposted your link on Fb and Twitter..