Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out of the Open

Since I've spent a good part of the summer working with pieces from the 1960s in "open" forms — modular, with multiple and/or flexible orderings of the component parts — I've been puzzling over how little current music takes advantage of such features. I also find it particularly surprising in that similarly open forms are abundant in contemporary game playing, whether narrative, competitive or constructive in character. But then again, I know next to nothing about games not played with a poker deck, a croquet mallet, a pocket knife, or a pony. I do, however, have contemporary role-play gaming to thank for the widespread availability of non-cubical dice: although my favored instrument for chance operations remains a deck of card, these dice are very useful for chance operations on the fly.


Scott said...

I completely agree, after growing up with "choose your own adventure" books and D&D it seems like a natural thing for music to do. I'm currently trying to extend this idea by placing mechanisms for feedback and hystersis into open-form works so the material itself alters through performance: the seed of the alteration being in the material and its relationship to passing time.

Scott said...

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