Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Meme of Seven Esses

Favorite Song: (at the moment) Douglas Hein: Orlando, He Dead.

Favorite Sonata: Mozart No. 15 in F major, KV 533/494.

Favorite Symphony: Ives Fourth Symphony.

Favorite Sandwich: Monte Christo.

Favorite Story: "Byron the Bulb" (from Gravity's Rainbow.)

Favorite Sound: Snowfall.

Favorite Season: Fall.

Who's next?


Kalvos said...

Favorite Song: Sequenza for Solo Voice (Berio), if that counts as a song.

Favorite Sonata: La Girò (Andriessen)

Favorite Symphony: None.

Favorite Sandwich: Grilled cheese.

Favorite Story: "We Are Norsemen" T.C. Boyle

Favorite Sound: Spring peepers.

Favorite Season: Spring.

Daniel Wolf said...

Kalvos, I'm surprised you didn't choose the Symphony of Wind Instruments or Barlow's Orchidae Ordinariae.