Friday, November 11, 2005

More lost and found

California quarter-tone composer Mildred Couper.

Not just 1/6 of Les Six: Germaine Tailleferre.

Mexican microtonal theorist and composer Augusto Novaro: here and here (a wav file).

The last of the red-hot ultramodernists, Leo Ornstein.

A nice repository of the surviving ancient Greek and Hellenistic music.

Never really lost, but still good to find: Josef Matthias Hauer.

An interesting chat about the Russian-American composer and cultural cold warrier Nicholas Nabokov; this is a composer whose catalog needs some sober evaluation.

The internet still needs a good site for Nicholas Obuchov (as well as the other Skryabinistes), William Denny (an interesting neoclassicist, and not a minor teacher: he played catch with Terry Riley in a Utah performance of La Monte Young's Poem for chairs, tables, benches etc.), Robert Erickson, Richard Maxfield, Barney Childs...

In another post, I'll list some of the living composers I think ought to have an internet presence.

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