Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stravinsky: Symphony in C

I struggled for a couple of hours last night to write something smart, or at least clever, about the Stravinsky Symphony in C. Without success. I've resigned myself to failure in the smart or clever department. So I'll just say that it's a piece I -- following the general consensus -- had previously discounted, but I am now convinced that the consensus is wrong and the piece works just fine, thank you. The subject of the Symphony in C is the "classical symphony", and it does everything a "classical symphony" should do as well as everything a "classical symphony" should not. Is the Symphony in C then itself an example of a "classical symphony"? I guess it depends entirely on how you hear those quotation marks.

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Anonymous said...

i was searching for info regarding Symphony in C by stravinsky..
n thtz how i come by =)
so... do u personally think it belongs to a classical symphony? I'm doing a presentation on this symphony and so... kinda frustrated rite now... cuz I've no idea wat I should say about this piece...
btw... do u know about any sites that I can download the symphony? or the score? I can't find the score anywhere... btw im from hong kong =)

o yah.. nice to meet u btw =)
i'm jo =)
email me if u r interested in answering me =)