Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Unanswered Questions

If you're just present, hanging around the internet, people come to you with all sorts of questions. Here are a few recent, genuine, questions from emails for which I have no answers, or at least no smart or snappy answers:

1. Is cryptography applicable to composition?

2. Is contemporary opera a queer genre?

3. What is the viscosity of the void?

4. Is it more progressive to compose with or without a system?

5. Do you clap if you like the politics but hate the music?

Actually, I do have an answer for one question:

6. Who is the first postmodern composer?

That'd be Telemann.


sfmike said...

Those are good questions. In fact, they're probably better because they don't have answers.

But here are my answers: 1: Yes. 2: No. 3: What is this void you refer to? 4: Yes and no. 5. No.

Troy said...

4 (a). Is it more progressive (cooler) to listen to music as though it is made up of quantified bits or undefined continuum?

oooh eastside vs. westside, son

kraig grady said...

Cryptography is an important movement in recent music on Anaphoria Island. Something which i have commented on in various places and which can be found in both their site and blogs.