Thursday, March 13, 2008

An unbirthday wish list

Today's my unbirthday, too old again by half, and I happen to have a small wish list of the commissions I'd like to have:

1) a piece for chamber orchestra, Passagework, in which conventions of surface and depth are reversed.

2) a piece for solo cello, in which the suite's traditional contrast between dance tempi in a succession of movements are replaced by foci on individual qualities of playing: range, line, timbre, velocity. Both minimal and virtuosic.

3) a set of social dances, in Székely style, starting very slow and getting ever faster, until very fast indeed.

4) two sets of small pieces for solo instruments, one A Spice Box, with each piece named for a different spice (Cardamom, Cinnamon, Galanga, Wattle Seed...) , the other From the Dim Sum Wagon. The one set would be highly focused, concentrated, the other more composite.

What would you like to write?


Scott said...

For #4, would each of Spice Box's movements be for a different instrument? If so, which instruments do you envision?

Stefan Kac said...

Come on, man! No tuba concerto?

Anonymous said...

re; "From the Dim Sum Wagon"

Hah! Wait until you hear my 'Happy Meal' for orchestra.