Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music Fonts, a Quiz

Identify the treble clefs (above, in a random order, click to enlarge) from 14 different music fonts. These are, in alphabetical order, Engraver, Feta, Fughetta, Helsinki, Inkpen, Jazz, Maestro, Opus, Petrucci, Reprise, Sonata, STocatta, Tufa, Turandot.


Justin Friello said...

Petrucci is the third row, first?

Maestro is one next to Petrucci?

Jazz is the big thick one?

I'm sure I'm terribly off. But my favorite clef is the second one in the last row.

As far as fonts go, I use Baskerville for everything.

Daniel Wolf said...

Justin --

Sorry, no correct matches, but I will give two hints: your favorite is from the current standard font for Finale, and the three "handwritten" fonts are from jazz/commercial music fonts.

Anonymous said...

Second row: unknown, Inkpen, Fughetta (but Fughetta and Petrucci are pretty much indistinguishable, except for maybe the bottom curve. I'm guessing here.)

Third row: Jazz, other two I don't have

Fourth row: Reprise, other two I don't have.

Fifth row: Opus, Maestro, Petrucci (or maybe Fughetta if I didn't read the bottom curve correctly.)

totodile493 said...

Please tell me if i'm right...

Jazz is the one in the third row and maestro is the second to last one?

Janek said...

First one in top row is Feta.
Actually, it *was* Feta - now Feta clef looks different.