Friday, August 29, 2008

Up Next

If all goes well, in the next month or so, there will be a small series of notes on form (on figures in a clearing, a long march along the long line, & late Cage and primitive form), perhaps another item or two on rhythm in the series of Temporary Notes, two additions to an item about the radical music called The Raw & the Cooked (these two items are, of course, From Honey to Ashes and The Origin of Table Manners), and perhaps an item about thirty-some years of working with just intonation. I figure that if I can get these things done, I can safely rest on my laurels & devote the rest my days to croquet and dim sum.

On the other hand, I always take requests: if you put enough dimes in the hat & hum a few bars, I can probably fake it.

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