Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evermore onward with publishing

Composer Taylan Susam, in a comment to an earlier item here, pointed to a new site with downloadable new music scores, Upload .. Download .. Perform.   It's in a Wiki format and does not involve a sales component, which makes it an interesting alternative to both traditional publishing and the site I mentioned before,   The more alternatives, the better.

(This too: we urgently need a high quality Wiki to replace harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration textbooks.  Essentially, these books house a definition of terms and notation, a relatively small set of principles or "rules" derived from practice, and perhaps some more personal aesthetic observations; a large number of examples from real repertoire illustrating the principals and "rules";and some exercises illustrating the same.  Perfect for a Wiki, which when done well, could accomodate a variety of theoretical approaches and teaching styles, include a wider variety of examples than any single textbook out there, and do it for free, which in these times, with extreme pressures on student pocketbooks, is definitely a good thing. (See also this thread from Crooked Timber on the economics of textbooks.  Sure, the few professors in on the textbook racket may feel a pinch, but it's an acceptable pinch if it can help make college more affordable)). 


Paul H. Muller said...

Had a look at Upload... Download... Perform and it is a very interesting site. Wikis are structured to allow for searching, easy editing and collaboration and this is very helpful. I have been trying to organize a list of websites for interesting music and it is quite a chore... Google isn't much help. A wiki makes finding something much easier. UPD right now has mostly performance art; maybe it will attract more music.

overtones99 said...

thanks for finding this site.
yes, the site is open to all - while the site may at times seem titled to one side or another (genre-wise), it is simply the result of who has found it so far, and who has chosen to use it. it could easily sway in many other directions too, musical and beyond (though note that the majority of the current contributors do in fact consider themselves "composers" of experimental "music")
: )

btw - ideas, suggestions, etc for the site are more than welcome.

thanks again for taking a look.