Saturday, February 07, 2009

Music Publishing Moves On is a new distribution site for new music scores that seems to be doing things right. The model here contrasts with the recent experiment by UE of placing a study score online and anticipating earnings via parts rentals and the traditional publisher's share of royalties.  Composers at ThatNewMusicWebsite will keep all of their royalties and get a large share of sales, but are responsible for preparing their materials themselves, an arrangement which seems a good fit to present web technology.


Paul H. Muller said...

Technology may yet have a decisive part to play.

Have you seen those electronic music stands? The score and parts are downloaded directly to the music stands of the individual players.

If you have ever prepared the score and parts for even a small group, you realize way too much time is spent fooling around with a lot of paper.

All of that goes away with electronic music stands. The piece could be downloaded, played, and payment transferred by PayPal to the composer - automatically.

At $2K each, however, your struggling regional orchestra or church group isn't going to get electronic stands anytime soon.

But maybe that too will change.

Music Publishing said...

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taylan susam said...

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