Thursday, March 05, 2009

Photo of the Day

The pianist, composer, and politician Ignace Jan Paderewski playing the piano at the Paso Robles Inn,  Paso Robles, California.   My father's parents both remembered hearing Paderewski play there.  He came to Paso Robles for the hot springs and mud baths and eventually bought two ranches near the town (one for himself, one for his wife).   Aside from the famous Minuet a la Antique,  one of the staples of the Music the Whole World Loves to Play repertoire and ballet classes everywhere, I know none of Paderewski's own music.  Perhaps something to investigate.

(Also this: An article by Paderewski on tempo rubato.)

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Paul H. Muller said...

Drove through Paso Robles on 101 last month.

Its all vinyards now...