Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Global Modernity

Noted: the average DVD shop in Kathmandu has a better selection of classic art films than the average shop in LA.  You can walk out of one of those places with the complete works of Bresson, Ozu, Antonioni, Griffiths, Renoir, Buñuel...  I know that these are all copies of dubious legality made locally, but they are beautifully packaged, required some capital investment, so you have to wonder what the intended market is?  Are there that many cineaste expats in town? Or are the Nepalis serious film buffs?

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AC Seger said...

I've never been to nepal, but based on all the westerners I've met who've traveled there I wouldn't be surprised if there is a larger market for art films than there is in LA. I mean wouldn't it be somewhere near 100% of western tourists know at least some of these artists. A really interesting/amusing tidbit, though. Thanks for sharing it.