Monday, May 21, 2007

A Composer's Environment

Kraig Grady passes on this story about Roy Harris:

When Roy Harris moved from the beach he was asked "Why?" Harris said "All my music is starting to sound like Debussy."

Later, he moved from Topanga (Canyon) and was asked the same question. Harris replied "Too many damn birds. My music is starting to sound like Messiaen."

I suppose I'll have to leave Frankfurt when my music starts sounding too much like (take your pick) Telemann, Humperdinck, Hindemith, or Mangelsdorff.

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Anonymous said...

I had fun with Roy in the late 60's at UCLA. Every thursday we would get coffee at the faculty center which was across the street from the music building (I think this was in '69) He would say to me "give me a dollar, I would rather beat it out of you than owe you" and then he would pick my brains about what was "going on now". In fairness I should add that he picked up many, many bar tabs for the grad students during that period of time. He was the real thing and we all appreciated his wisdom.
Lloyd Rodgers