Monday, May 21, 2007

May Sweeps In Music Blogland

Yes, it's time again: Scott Spiegelberg has posted his survey of the top fifty or so classical music blogs, proving once again that if this blog is in the top fifty, classical music blogs are still far from finding their potential audience.

I wish to assure you that Renewable Music has not skewed its editorial content in advance of what we may call "classical music sweeps week", and the following topics have not been mentioned here:

Tinfoil hats, engram-meters, orgone accumulators, alien abductions, neo-conservatism, dowsing, homeopathy, fired US Attorneys, creationism and/or intelligent design and/or flying spaghetti monsters, ancient astronauts, perpetual motion machines, paparazzi photos of troubled heiresses or pop stars (and certainly neither Paris Hilton nor Britney Spears), Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, biodiesel, John Lott's sockpuppet, Jerry Falwell, Joyce Hatto, Bee colony die-outs, or the busking Joshua Bell.

Well, okay, I did mention the bees and Bell, and alluded to Hatto, but those were relevant...

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

Heh, I hadn't thought about the sweeps analogy. It is funny seeing some of the bloggers upset because they dropped in rank, criticizing either my methodology or definition of what is a classical blog. Next time I'll announce the upcoming sweeps more in advance, so everyone can prepare their best link-getting posts and bribe me with bees and spaghetti monsters. Er, I might have gotten something confused there.