Thursday, August 30, 2007

Name the Next New Music Box Cover Person

Yes, It's once again time to play Name the Next New Music Box Cover Person. Each month -- as you know too well -- New Music in a Box, the internet organ of the American Music Cartel Center features a video interview with a new music personality (and sometimes a small pride of them).

My guesses have had a bad track record; my wishes are even further off. Of late, there have been a conductor, members of a new music ensemble, two composers (one junior, one senior), an avantgardish rock duo and a partridge in a pear tree. Last month, I predicted that the next interviewee would be a critic; suggesting our senior active critic, Alan Rich (someone, do a serious video interview with Rich now!) and was wrong, wrong, (picnic, lightning) wrong. Someone else came closer in guessing Billy Joel. For Mr. September, I've got to go with John Mackey, a composer specializing in wind ensembles, high-cholesterol eating, and making deeply disturbing photos of mutant life forms (warning: this photo is truly disturbing).

What's your best guess? No NMB employees, pets, or family members allowed. As always, the winner gets a gift certificate for a Buñueloni at the Cedar Tavern, should it ever reopen.


Anonymous said...

Forget John Mackey! New Music Box should interview that cat!

Philip Walker said...

A.C. Douglas

Whats a bunueloni?