Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What are we eating? The Solutions

Here are the solutions to my composers-in-the-kitchen quiz. Charles Shere did best, with two correct answers, which means that the prize (now standing at $2.83) will not be awarded but will be rolled over into the kitty for the next competition.

(1) Puffball Lasagne (John Cage)
(2) Non-fat Potato Salad (La Monte Young)
(3) Swan Terrine (Peter Maxwell Davies)
(4) Seared Whale with a pan-sauce made from sesame seeds, fresh apricot purée, cheap Riesling from a box, and whale’s blood (Nico Muhly)
(5) Woodcock Soup (Gioacchino Rossini)
(6) Jefferson Davis Pie (Virgil Thomson)
(7) Pasta for Tired Dancers (Alvin Lucier)
(8) Boeuf Strogayaki and Canard Torturé (Clarence Barlow)
(9) Filled Soy Bundles with Juniper Sauce (Jerry Hunt)
(10) Rice Krispies Treats (John Mackey)


the improvising guitarist said...

Boeuf Strogayaki and Canard Torturé (Clarence Barlow)

You see, I think I would have got that if you had offered at least three alternative spellings ;-)


Elaine Fine said...

Could you explain something about these answers? I really don't understand where they come from. Am I that "out of it?"

Daniel Wolf said...

Elaine --

The ten items are the names of real, published recipes by real composers. The task was to name the composer. Cage's, as a mushroom dish, was probably the easiest to guess. Those of Muhly and Mackey come from recent blog entries by each composer. The Swan Terrine of Peter Maxwell Davies received a lot of press (the composer received a visit from the police as swans are protected animals). The Thomson is perhaps the most familiar dish on the list (for Americans at least), a southern favorite, essentially a pecan pie without the pecans. The sources for the others are a bit more obscure, except for the legitimately world famous woodcock soup of Rossini. I'll post a recipe for that one.