Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What are we eating?

A pop quiz for an idle August day. Name the composer who has either cooked or been responsible for the recipe of each of the following. Some answers can be located online, others are more obscure.

(1) Puffball Lasagne
(2) Non-fat Potato Salad
(3) Swan Terrine
(4) Seared Whale with a pan-sauce made from sesame seeds, fresh apricot purée, cheap Riesling from a box, and whale’s blood
(5) Woodcock Soup
(6) Jefferson Davis Pie
(7) Pasta for Tired Dancers
(8) Boeuf Strogayaki and Canard Torturé
(9) Filled Soy Bundles with Juniper Sauce
(10) Rice Krispies Treats


Elaine Fine said...

I'm totally stumped. I hope you post the answers.

Charles Shere said...

(1) Cage
(3) Henry VIII (his cook)
(4) Charles Wuorinen
(5) Elgar
(6) V. Thomson
(7) David Tudor
(8) Marco Polo
(9) Lou Harrison
(10) Ned Rorem

Daniel Wolf said...


You've got (1) Puffball Lasagne (Cage) and (6) Jefferson Davis Pie (Thomson) right.

You've got the nationality of (3) Swan Terrine right, but the composer-cook is contemporary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the bbc could not get over that menu: