Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Future Imperfect

The New Music Box (of the American Music Cartel Center) autocelebrates its tenth anniversary with one of those rounds of articles prognosticating the future of music.  Among the inevitable appeals to technological progress and even Fukiyama's now-discredited neo-Hegelian (and neo-con) "end of history", there are no real surprises, but it is good to see that at least one contributor, George Lewis, decided to experiment with the prose format.   The money line is the closer:  musicians will take a chance,  which is more to the point then the ever-recyclable Kinder! Schaff' Neues! There ought to be more of this online — composers are supposed to be inventive, after all —  and it was disappointing to read a younger blogger barking at Lewis for doing exactly this.  I mean, if all we expect from words about music is prose, then we can just settle for the sixth ring of hell, you know, the special one reserved for musicologists. 

In any case, congratulations to Frank J. Oteri & his colleagues on ten years of making musical lives more, rather than less, interesting.   And if I tease the Boxers from time to time, it's only out of affection, a loyal fan encouraging the team to do ever better and more challenging work.


Dan Johnson said...

Noooo, not barking, I promise! Just having some fun, in (if anything) the spirit of the original piece—improvisation! interactivity!

(Did you really not love Croche's Cagean hommage?)

Kraig Grady said...

The Australian Music Center just revamped their website and it promises to be a great resource both internally and externally. Broader in scope than this model i dare say.