Monday, May 04, 2009

A Monday Miscellany

In no order in particular:

Kenneth Woods has a fine essay on Ives & Mahler here, imagining what the conductor Mahler might have found in the score to Ives' Third (my much less elegant attempt the the I & M topic is here;  N.O. Brown once mentioned that Carl Schorske wanted to write a book on the two composers... wouldn't that be something?).

Want to learn Latin?  Here's an online course based on the method of Reginald Foster, whose "experiences" are based on immediate engagement with real Latin texts (and spoken Latin) with grammar introduced as needed (rather than the other way around).

And some music:  Here's Anthony Braxton's Composition Nr. 58 as played by the Taylor Ho Bynum Chicago Big Band.  The video and the performance are both in a rough'n'ready style, which is altogether appropriate to the musical topics in the piece, but I do wonder how the piece would sound in a very tight, precise performance style.  It's not that I think such a style would be better, but it might bring out other aspects of the piece.  (Here are Braxton's own notes on the score).

Another illustration of the elasticity of the term minimalism in an article about the poet Robert Creeley: "an interesting instance of a post-Modernist writer whose career was to a considerable extent the 'story' of the development of Miminalism in America"

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