Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Composer Alex Shapiro writes beautifully about her music and the environment from which it comes.

Another composer who lived on the California coast, Robert Erickson (who's going to give Erickson the good web page he deserves?), championed the notion that composers compose from their environments; I envy Alex Shapiro's fortune in having figured out how to live in a land- and seascape that almost writes its own music.


Alex Shapiro said...

Thanks, Daniel. Not a single day passes that I don't deeply appreciate my astonishing surroundings. That's been the reason I've kept up my blog: to share the beauty!

Warm regards from the kelp,

PWS said...

Oh Danny Boy (can I call you that? No? Okay)...you don't have to actually set Virgil. I would prefer Latin, wouldn't you?

But again-I was just saying I'm sure a composer could do something interesting with a text so rich in meaning (culturally, pastorally, historically)-and you are for sure no exception.

But if I wasn't a poor college kid I would King Ludwig you for cash to make my half-baked ideas a reality.

IF you do like the text though-please do set it. If you WANT TO.

Anonymous said...

"Composer Alex Shapiro" writes dreadful pseudo-romantic new age slop.