Thursday, December 20, 2007

Around & About

Some composing bloggers have been very busy of late:

Paul Bailey is putting up more recordings of his opera, retrace our steps.

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz is in the final stretches of his year-long project We Are All Mozart.

Matthew Guerrieri has been writing a wassail a day for a week.

Jodru of ANABlog has been tracing Stockhausen's steps. (Ben Harper, of Boring Like a Drill also has some more smart things to say about KS).

Man, do I feel like an aging expat when I read Nico Muhly's blog -- his lively diction seems to belong to a language that hadn't yet been invented when I left the States and I can only parse the half of it.

Elaine Fine has the very good idea of blogging her thematic catalog.

Me? I'm resting on my laurels.

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