Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Invitation: A Winter Album

This is an invitation to readers of this blog, a project in my small campaign to keep a repertoire of new music scores available online, a presence: to compose a short piece, for piano*, as many hands and fists and required, alone or aggrandized in any manner, perhaps a page or two of music, to be gathered into an online album of music, appropriate to the theme of Winter. Deadline: the 1st of January, 2008. Send me a pdf, with your own copyright atop if you'd like me to host your score, or a link to your own site which will be indexed with the album.

*I know, I know, a piano piece is a fairly boring idea, but I expect that many of you out there have ideas about the piano that are anything but boring. Besides, if this project works, the next project can be that Song or Flute or Percussion Album you've always wanted.


Kalvos said...

"Deadline: the 1st of January"

Awwww.... :(

Unless you accept the WAAM piece I did yesterday -- not very wintry, though -- "Thirteen Triple X".


Andre said...

I wrote some piano music that I would like to see used. Last year I finished 2 piano sonatas and last January, I wrote 6 shorter pieces for piano. maybe interesting?

They are on my site here,