Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sins and Fibs, a small update

I recently posted about my decision to by a crossgrade from Finale to Sibelius (music notation software) as insurance against further negative developments with Finale. I've got Sibelius up and running, but Finale is still my main axe, so I can't yet offer a thorough review. I can say, however, that Sibelius's licensing is awful, allowing only one set-up on one machine at a time. This is totally insufficient for an active composer or musical academic who might reasonably need two or three active installations, at some combination of home and office computers, and a laptop for use in-between or in the studio. Finale's licensing, allowing two active installations at once, is restrictive enough, but this is clearly inadequate.


Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

Sibelius used to allow two computers at once. I'd be surprised if they changed this, but it's not impossible. They have really helpful tech support, so you could try to call up and ask about it.

Anonymous said...

You can get use your Sibelius license on a second computer as well, however, you have to call customer support with the computer id to allow you to do this.

Anonymous said...

The licensing thing is indeed a pain in the butt, and it's shocking that the software people haven't come up with better solutions. As a Sibelius user with home and office computers, and a superior printer at the office, I developed an ad-hoc solution. I work on my scores at home, where I keep the legit set-up; I then e-mail the files to the office. The copy of Sibelius on my work machine remains unregistered, which means I can't save new changes to the scores, but I can open and print them.