Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Sweeps Week

Yes, it's time again: Scott Spiegelberg is gathering data for his survey of the top fifty or so classical music blogs. If this page is once again in the top fifty, it will be further evidence that classical music blogs are still far from finding their potential audience.

I wish to assure you that Renewable Music has not skewed its editorial content in advance of what we like to call "classical music sweeps week", and to insure a fair result, the following topics have not been mentioned here:

Tinfoil hats, engram-meters, orgone accumulators, alien abductions, neo-conservatism, dowsing, homeopathy, fired US Attorneys, creationism and/or intelligent design and/or flying spaghetti monsters, ancient astronauts, perpetual motion machines, dog-fighting NFL players, vanishing CIA torture tapes, the Huckabee diet, sacred garments in autochthonous American religions, the removal of Halliburton to Dubai, the Iranian nuclear weapons program, biodiesel, John Lott's sockpuppet, Oprah Winfrey's Obama endorsement, Bee colony die-outs, the busking Joshua Bell or the New York Philharmonic's sudden case of Pyongyong fever.

Well, okay, I did mention the bees and Bell, and recommended the Pyongyong metro website, but those were relevant...

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