Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Food Blogging, briefly

I like recipes that appear to have been given (a la Ruggles' famous chord) the test of time, compositions that come from that mysterious balance between experiment and experience. Charles Shere, composer and writer, offers his recipe for Cassoulet, and it appears to be a renewable recipe of the first order. During my time in Hungary, I became a partisan of Sólet, Cassoulet's simpler cousin, and a dish that is typical of Budapest Jewish cooking (and presumably related to the eastern European Cholent). It's dominated by paprika and garlic and topped off, in the classic version, with smoked goose leg and stuffed goose neck. (A plain but pleasant version was usually to be had on Fridays at the Kádár étkeszde on Klauzál tér). With Winter now rushing in, the idea of the perfect bean casserole has gained some urgency.

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