Sunday, November 11, 2007

The score so far

I'm now ten pieces into the project of composing and publishing a score each day for a month. The rules are simple: each piece has to be complete and be completed within the 24 hours of its appointed day. So far, of the ten, one is for keeps. Two, maybe three pieces might, with revisions, have a life beyond this project. The others belong to the aether. And of the handful of pieces that didn't make it into the daily shuffle, most should stay sketches, but at least one is still irritating my fancy. On the whole, an average with which I can live.

One fact has been made vivid by this project: there is never enough time to compose and composing time usually gets shoved into the worst moments in my schedule. Yesterday, for example, Saturday the tenth, between the kids, the household, some translation work, and a long-postponed invitation to neighbors for dinner, exactly two hours of time in the late afternoon were left for composing, editing and publishing a piece. Much of those two hours was spent on a really wrong musical turn and then an uncooperative computer (my computing situation is far from ideal). But somehow the piece came together in its own weird way, and it may just be a keeper.


Charles Shere said...

Two hours! Two hours!
I envy you, both your available time, and your discipline...

sfmike said...

I wish I could look at a score and hear it in my mind, but I don't. Still, I'm totally impressed with your project and the discipline that goes with it. Plus, the scores all by themselves look cool.