Saturday, November 17, 2007

November the Seventeenth

For English Horn, Contrabassoon, Wagner-Tuba, Celesta & Harmonium. ca. 1' PDF file (37KB) here.


Anonymous said...

Wagner tuba?

Kalvos said...

Where's the PDF? Not "here". :)


docker said...

Tuben in C? I thought they only came in Bb and F. (But, of course, I'm no Wagnerian.)

And, bar 3 - Contrabassoon - seems to have 4 beats in a 3/4 bar?

What does it all mean?

Daniel Wolf said...

Dennis --

the link should work now.

David --

Thank for pointing out the escape tuplet bracket. Score corrected ( as though "correct" were an applicable adjective in this case...)

It's written to work for either a Tuba in F or Bb, but at concert pitch so -- as will be the case tomorrow evening's reading, it can be played on a Tenorhorn.