Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November the Sixth

A bit of a conceptual piece, this one, a(n) (cheap) imitation of a landmark bit of 20th century music. The inital idea was to completely level the pitch field to a single tone, retaining everything else in the music, but that idea soon gave way to replacing the pitches in the original with tones corresponding to a single harmonic series. Given that new tonal context, what sense and semblance of the original was left? This was the first piece in this project in which I have had substantial doubts, uncertain whether to put my name on the score, let alone publish it. Moreover, this was the kind of concept piece that easily gets misunderstood. But there are a couple of moments here (a cristalline chord with flute reiterations on top, and a small trumpet melody) that so favor my own musical tastes, and if there is anything that new musicians are used to, it's having no one "get" your jokes, that I've put aside the doubts. Heck, I might even do the 2nd & 3rd movements.

A PDF file of the score (92KB) is here.

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That's perverse. And I mean it in the best way possible.