Friday, June 22, 2007

The Cover Game

Here's a new game that's currently making its way through the Newmusicland cocktail party circuit: Name the next person getting a front page interview at the American Music Junta Center's* New Music Box. Recent interviewees have included an up-and-coming composer, a new music ensemble, and a conductor. My money is on a critic or someone who runs a new music label (if I had my way, that'd be Alan Rich and OgreOgress but I'd guess it'd sooner be one of the usual suspects).

* Okay, someone finally asked: what's up with me and the AMC? I like the AMC and the New Music Box, and I think that they are truly valuable. However, I don't think that a National Music Information Service should be a membership organization. It should be an advocacy organization and in cases of conflicts of interest -- for example, between composers and publishers -- it should advocate for the composers, as they are usually in the weakest position in the new music food chain. I think it might also be a benefit if the AMC was located somewhere in the middle of the country, rather than in NYC, but in these days of virtual real estate and virtual offices and online score libraries, this is much less of a concern.


Anonymous said...

Elliot Carter.

Anonymous said...

Dudamel, the new guy in L.A.