Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog Rolls

I haven't quite figured out blog rolls, neither the etiquette nor the tactics. I've listed music blogs and web pages that I actually read in full, but I have the impression that some people consider it good form to cross-blog roll one another, which makes me a bit uncomfortable (it's not as bad as cross-citing in scholarship, but it is distinctly like trolling for friends on myspace & I'm just too damn old to get into that without embarrassing myself). Some blogs have adopted the policy of dropping well-known blogs from their rolls, on the principle that they don't need your help, and the lesser ones do; others have adopted the strategy of only listing the top blogs, hoping to be judged by the apparent company you keep; still others have figured out that the blog roll doesn't matter much or even at all and favor instead links within articles, or simply don't want to give the competition even the slightest edge.

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Civic Center said...

I share your confusion about le blogroll, so decided not to have one. Instead, I just link a lot to other people I find interesting. Like you, dude.