Sunday, January 06, 2008

Late 20th Century Ringtones

If you could have any bit of fairly well-known late 20th-century serious music as a ringtone for your cellular/mobile phone, what would it be? David Feldman, without skipping a beat, said Lucier's I am sitting in a room ("...different from the one you are in now..."), which should have been obvious, but it would nevertheless be interesting to encounter a bit of serial bebop or classic minimalism while in a crowded cafe, underground, or shopping mall. Perhaps the more interesting question would be: what is the piece of late 20th-century music least likely to be used as a ringtone? And no, 4'33'' doesn't count.


Corey said...

Let me just say that I hate, hate, HATE recorded ringtones. What is the point of hearing 5 seconds of a song sounds like it's coming through a broken shortwave radio? It's stupid!

As for the one late 20th C. piece that is least likely to become a ringtone, I would nominate any late Nono for the simple fact that no one would be able to hear it.

Anonymous said...

To use as a ringtone: "Joie Du Sang Des Etoiles" from Messiaen's "Turangalila-Symphonie"

Want can't be used as a ringtone: Feldman's "Rothko Chapel"

Anonymous said...

Desirable ring tone: Opening two bars of Varese's Arcana.

Unusable as a ring tone: La Monte Young's The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear Honneger's Pacific 231 on a ringtone. Perfect for when it goes off on a train *or* a bus.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my ringtone is Terry Riley's In C...

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