Monday, February 11, 2008

These Bagatelle Days

The Winter Album (online here *) is not alone. Universal Edition has just announced a new volume of shorter piano pieces by composers Georges Aperghis, Pierre Boulez, Ivan Fedele, Cristóbal Halffter, Michael Jarrell, György Kurtág, Peter Eötvös, Luis de Pablo, Salvatore Sciarrino. A page with score samples is here.

Two more pieces have been received for A WINTER ALBUM. Perhaps we should start planning the next volume -- A Spring or Summer Album? For what instrument(s)? Perhaps with singing? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

let's do it again-you pick medium - it was big fun

lloyd rodgers

Thomas Dent said...

The Kurtag and Eotvos look interesting, so far as I can tell by looking.

I'd rather be early in Spring than later in Winter, if you get my meaning. Is there a problem?