Monday, May 25, 2009

Short Scores

I keep getting asked if I twitter.  I don't and I probably won't, but I do have one prediction: we're sure to soon see a number of twittered prose scores.   It strikes me that the constraints of the form lend themselves to prose scores based around images or tasks.  For example: THREE TRIANGLES THRICE or SO FAST THAT IT SOUNDS SLOW or ALL TUNES ALL THE TIME or CLOUDS BECOME RAIN or SOUNDS WITHOUT EDGES or EACH TONE CONNECTS TO THE LAST TONE or PLAY WITH EACH AND EVERYONE IN THE ROOM ONCE or REPEAT EVERYTHING AT LEAST THREE TIMES. 


Taylan Susam said...

I think I have at least two of those already (as pieces). Though it usually takes me three or four sentences to get it right.

Still, very virtuosic and inspiring post!

Theron Trowbridge said...

I haven't looked at them as scores, but there's a twitter account that posts items from Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies every hour, and many sound like your examples.

Taylan Susam said...

The first one that caught my attention was "Slow preperation, fast execution."

Not very interesting. Let's try the opposite.