Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow the money, again

E.L. Cory Doctorow (hat tip: Paul Bailey): "If you think about it, this is a rather curious circumstance, because it means that once a technology company puts a lock on a copyrighted work, the proprietor of that copyright loses the right to authorize his audience to use it in new ways, including the right to authorize a reader to move a book from one platform to another. At that point, DRM and the laws that protect it stop protecting the wishes of creators and copyright owners, and instead protect the business interests of companies whose sole creative input may be limited to assembling a skinny piece of electronics in a Chinese sweatshop." 


Anonymous said...

DRM is the last gasp of the past trying to control the future.

P said...

I believe that would be Cory Doctorow, not E.L. Doctorow.

Daniel Wolf said...

Thanks, P, corrected. Curse you, Bailey!