Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terry Gilliam to direct The Damnation of Faust

This is either the best idea in the world or one of those terrible ideas of such epic dimension that it, nevertheless, should not be missed. Damnation, that marvelous not-opera not-symphony, is a work that, AFAIC, demands the companionship of some visual extravagance; Gilliam has a remarkable track record with neither-fish-not-fowl genres and is no slouch in the extravagance department; connecting the dots between the extravagant and difficult figures of Berlioz and Gilliam (and, okay, we can throw Goethe in as well) is one of those startling moves that seems obvious in retrospect. Let's hope that the producers are up to the demands of both director and composer (yes, Norman, you do need 8 to 10 harps to have adequate presence (not volume, presence) in the finale.) (I wish the video had more visual information.)

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Lisa Hirsch said...

One wonders, indeed. I rented The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus recently and threw in the towel after 45 minutes. It is an epic failure and a sad goodbye to Heath Ledger.