Tuesday, June 13, 2006

As long as we're on the topic

I've been posting a lot lately, but readership and response is modest, with the thinner summer readership already setting in. Should I take a break? If you find any of this worth reading, let me know (either via the comments function or email DJWOLF attttt SNAFU dotttttt DE), or I'll just hang loose for a bit, maybe compose some more or even (finally) get around to painting the window frames.


Anonymous said...

Why not take turns painting window frames and blogging. First one frame, then one post.

Daniel Wolf said...

Nice idea, but do you really think I could keep to such serial discipline?

Anonymous said...

I find it particularly interesting when you write about the music of various composers, famous or not e.g. "The Convivial Cage" and "Stearns." You clearly have the experience to assess and illuminate.

And if pressed for time, shorter is ok.