Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Landmarks (13)

Johannes Brahms, Trio, Op. 40, für Waldhorn, Violine und Klavier in Es-Dur (1865)

Because I like it. (Okay, I could point out some amazing technical features, especially metrical, and those involving the problematic but rich instrumental combination, but it's really on the list becuase I like it, so that ought to be enough. I heard it in when I was 13, played by Hermann Baumann, Eudice Shapiro, and John Steele Ritter at the last Claremont Music Festival. The music was so cool that, riding back home in the dark on my bike after the concert, I realized that there was no better ambition than that of composing, and made that ambition my own. Note to my parents: You can blame Brahms).

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