Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Classical Music Stories of the Year

It seems that the stories about classical music which have received the most attention in this past year are mostly stories about the business of music, rather than music itself.  Off the top of my head: Herb Alpert donates $15M to CalArts; the Wagner Sisters take over in Bayreuth; Mortier resigns from the NYCO; Alberto (aka Albert) Vilar convicted of money laundering, investor advisor fraud, securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud; UE temporarily sends the IMSLP offline; UE places a score of its own online, gratis; Mauricio Kagel passes away; Elliot Carter turns 100;  Daniel Barenboim gets around a lot these days;  NYPhil musicians call Gilbert Kaplan's conducting skills...

Getting away from the business issues, what were the musical experiences of the past year that seem likely to have some lasting resonance?

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