Monday, December 15, 2008

The Classicists

The bloglinks in the right-hand column are mostly dedicated to new and experimental music, a reader just emailed me with a request for blogs specializing in classical repertoire.   Here are some classic-oriented pages I read with some frequency, by writers I enjoy (& envy):

Think Denk (Jeremy Denk)  Reveries of the pianist and international man of mystery.

Iron Tongue of Midnight (Lisa Hirsch)  Hirsch finds just the right balance between news, opinion, and the prattling penumbra around music.  

The Detritus Review (the pseudononymous Sator Arepo & Empiricus) Reviewing the reviewers; good for an honest & regular dosage of snarkage.

A View from the Podium (Kenneth Woods) Conductor Woods is really at his best when digging into a work of music; as a composer, it's always important to encounter analysis applied to the real problems of performance, rather than as a pre-compositional exercise.

Oboe in Sight (Patricia Mitchell).  Lively notes from a working musician and teacher, a great reminder of the realities of musical life, counting measures, Nutcracker seasons, broken reeds & all.

There are many opera blogs out there (which isn't surprising given the neat fit between matters operatic and tabloidatic) but it'd sure be nice to have good blogs on dance and on early music...


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel-

Thanks for the plug! I'm a long-time fan and reader of your blog. Maybe I'll work up the energy to do a new music reading list for classicists... Anyway, I've been wasting most of my energy of late writing just the kind of blogs posts you don't like so much, so hopefully this is a good reminder to get back on the true and noble path and talk about music a bit more!


Patty said...

Thanks so much! I'm so honored to be included with these other, much more intelligent bloggers. Wow. I'm just kind of shuffling my feet and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Or maybe that's just that I need to get out of my slippers and pjs, and have my latté. Dunno. ;-)

But really ... thank you very much!