Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ANALOG Arts Ensemble get it right

The ANALOG arts ensemble has announced their Iron Composer Omaha competition. The organization has done a great job in setting up this competition in a fair and ethical manner -- the rules are clear, they have done the necessary fund raising to support the competition, and there are no entry fees. Moreover, it looks like it's going to be a blast: by not taking things altogether too seriously, the team at ANALOG may just once more prove that new musicians have more fun. Bravo.

If only I was a young Hawkeye Cornhusker composer: imaginative, skilled, sensitive, and as fast with my eighth notes as I am with my saucepan ...


David Ocker said...

Since the festival is in Omaha possibly you ought to be a Cornhusker composer rather than a Hawkeye one. The cheers of the hometown crowd could give you a competitive edge. Although I'm sure plenty of Iowans would jump into their RVs and cross the river to support their own. (grin)

Maybe you capitalized the aitch in Hawkeye by mistake. Visual acuity, however, is not a required quality for composers - just think of Feldman.

Daniel Wolf said...

Boy, that's embarrassing, insulting two whole states, another sign that I've been on the wrong side of the pond for far too long. My eyesight is lousy (despite an operation last year) but that's not the excuse.