Friday, July 27, 2007

It's that time again

Yes, It's once again time to play Name the Next New Music Box Cover Person. Each month -- as you know too well -- the New Music Box, the internet organ of the American Music Cartel Center features a video interview with a new music personality (and sometimes a small gaggle of them). My guesses have had a bad track record (although my wishes are even further off). Of late, there have been a conductor, members of a new music ensemble, and two composers, one junior, one senior. I predict that the next interviewee will be a critic; it ought to be our senior active critic, Alan Rich (someone, do a serious video interview with Rich now!) but -- it's the AMC, after all -- it's much more likely to be a New Yorker, so I'll guess Alex Ross. What's your best guess -- no NMB insiders allowed -- the winner gets a gift certificate for a Buñueloni at the Cedar Tavern, should it ever reopen.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Higdon or Elliot Carter.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Boretz and Heebie McJeebie, together again at last!

Anonymous said...

Billy Joel.