Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letters to Renewable Music

Yes, we get letters, lots and lots of letters. Here are some answers to a few in this week's mailbag:

What do you make of the huge online controversy surround theorist "James Cook's" advocacy for the tonal theories of Peter Westergaard?

Sometimes epiphenomena are the better part of art.

Is Renewable Music just another typically male response to one of those mid-life crises?

No. My male mid-life crisis involves a Morgan motorcar (but I'd settle for a 'vette), becoming a licensed dirigible pilot, and spending too many Sundays at the race track. And a good deal of chiropractic work.

I'm a grad student in composition at _____ University. Do you advise applying for teaching jobs or moving to Europe and freelancing?

I most certainly do not advise. But call if you find work.

What's the next big thing in new music?

Mapping tonal lattices onto the surface of a hypertorus. New music for English brass bands, American drum corps, and Weissenborn koa wood lap steel guitars. Dance music so quiet you have to step on the off-beats. Spatial choral music for shopping malls.

Send your letters to djwolf(AT)snafu(DOT)de. All letters are published anonymously. In-kind and cash contributions to the D.J.Wolf midlife crisis fund are always welcome, but the car has really got to be maroon and silver.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Renewable Music:

What does the commission for Charles Wuorinen to write a Brokeback Mountain opera mean? Has opera become an almost exclusively queer art form?