Thursday, September 20, 2007

Was it good for you, too?

The prodigious Nico Muhly writes:

Anybody who has participated – no matter how minimally – in the anglican choral tradition will know the visceral delight of singing a descant or having a descant sung over one.

Mr. Muhly's blog is one of the rich handful written by colleagues which I really enjoy reading just as soon as a new item turns up in my Bloglines feed (other new music blogs I read are listed in the sidebar). These folks really enjoy making music and have such easy ways using words to convey that enjoyment that I suffer near-daily bouts of envy. Renewable Music will turn three in December, which is about 94 in blog years. With so much fine activity out there, if this blog then starts to slow down, or even expires, there will be plenty of places out there to get your daily fix of eccentric compositorial bloggage. But for the moment, I'm still in posession of a veritable cornucopia of topics for this blog, and even if it sometimes turns into sesquipadelian excess, never mind, you don't have to read the whole damn thing, just the juicy parts.

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