Monday, July 17, 2006

Audio snapshots?

An old friend, Tom Hilton, has introduced "random Flickr" blogging as a weekly feature at his blog If I Ran The Zoo. Each week a random number XXXX is drawn, and Tom's readers are invited to search for an IMG_XXXX at Flickr and give it an appropriate caption.

It'd be swell to have an audio equivalent, but my guess it that it wouldn't work. Listening to music consumes time in a different way from the time spent looking at an image. Most audio online is music rather than the snippets of travel, local festivities, friends, family, pets, plants, and curiosities that fill the Flickr imagery, so there's not really an audio equivalent of a visual snapshot, as in this one, showing streams of refugees attempting the dangerous crossing over the Wabash from occupied Indiana into the free state of Illinois:

1 comment:

Tom Hilton said...

It's an intriguing idea, but I think you're right--the nature of the audio samples on the web would make random audio-blogging a lot less interesting.

And dangerous or not, it's well worth it to get the hell out of Indiana.